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Medanta Institute of Pulmonology

Exceptional Pulmonology Care at Medanta with a Leading Pulmonologist Doctor!

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Medanta: Your Top Choice for Complete Pulmonary Care and Lung Health!"

At Medanta, we use cutting-edge technology in our pulmonology division with our pulmonologist doctor near me to identify and treat a variety of respiratory issues, such as:

It Causes difficulty breathing by affecting the lungs. To control it, you might need to use inhalers, receive oxygen treatment, or alter your lifestyle.

A long-term disorder that causes inflammation of the airways and can lead to wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. The most popular forms of therapy are inhalers and drugs.

Malignant growths in the lungs that may cause symptoms, including a chronic cough, chest discomfort, and bloody coughing.

This disorder causes the lung tissue to scar, making breathing more difficult. In extreme circumstances, the course of treatment may include lung transplantation or medicines.

A sleeping condition marked by breathing pauses. Treatment frequently involves the use of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) equipment.

An illness that irritates the lungs' air sacs and results in symptoms including fever, coughing, and breathing difficulties.

A bronchial infection causes coughing and breathing difficulties. 

A potentially fatal obstruction in the pulmonary artery. The use of blood thinners or drugs that dissolve clots is possible.

This hereditary disease causes thick mucus to accumulate in the lungs. Medication and airway-clearing procedures are part of the treatment.

Transforming Pulmonary Healthcare with Leading Specialists and State-of-the-Art Technology!"

During this painless treatment, medical professionals collect minute samples and use a specific gadget to peer within your chest. This is done to determine whether you have infections, lung cancer, or enlarged lymph nodes in your chest because of an illness. It allows for the diagnosis of issues without requiring major surgery.

Visualize a small camera mounted on a flexible tube. It allows medical professionals to peek into your airways to check for any issues. If they discover anything wrong, they can even use it to provide some therapies.

This procedure involves a small camera attached to a flexible tube that physicians introduce into your chest through a very small incision. It makes it easier for them to examine your lungs and the area around them carefully to determine what's going on inside.

To deliver accurate and prompt diagnosis for respiratory diseases, our pulmonology center, which has the top pulmonary doctor near me, uses state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology, including CT scans and MRIs. These cutting-edge instruments guarantee early identification and precise treatment planning.

This device aids medical professionals in assessing how well your breathing is functioning. With it, they can conduct several examinations to comprehend your overall respiratory system.

These specialized tools are used by doctors to gauge how quickly and how much air you can breathe in and out. It resembles a lung capacity test.