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Fighting Cancer Together:
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Medanta Cancer Institute is an advanced cancer care facility within the premises of the Jay Prabha Medanta Multidisciplinary Super Speciality Hospital, located in Kankarbag, Patna. Medanta Cancer Institute has been established with a vision to provide one-stop,high-quality, modern, comprehensive cancer care to the patients of the state of Bihar and neighbouring states where such facilities are generally lacking.

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Dr. Naresh Trehan
Chairman & Managing Director

We have created a world-class institution in Patna which matches the highest
international standards of healthcare delivery at an affordable cost.
Jay Prabha Medanta Super Specialty Hospital, Patna is a conglomeration of
multi-Super specialty institutes led by exceptional medical practitioners, who are
leaders in their respected fields.

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Medanta Cancer Institute’s division of radiation oncology has one of the most advanced medical Linear Accelerators(LA): Varian Edge with Hyper Arc, the SRS Immobilisation System for frameless immobilisation with increased patient comfort, and the PerfectPitchTM 6D couch for precise alignment in radiosurgery treatments. The LA delivers precise doses to tumours of the lung, brain, spine, and other areas of the body where radiation is indicated. As HyperArc utilises a single isocenter for all treatments, radiosurgery treatment times are consistently within a 15-minute time frame, independent of the dose prescription, fractionation scheme, or number of targets being treated. Advanced Brachytherapy unit with BrachyVision™ 3D treatment planning system to simplify complex treatment programs to makes brachytherapy treatment planning efficient and consistent. It has the advantage of shorter time to treatment time, gives planning consistency and provides clear and precise planning information.

Our surgical oncology team includes highly-qualified, experienced surgical oncologists devoted to producing optimal outcomes for patients through latest surgical management techniques for cancer.

The Division of Medical Oncology and Haematology at Medanta Cancer Institute provides specialised and multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of breast, lung, brain, thyroid and inherited cancers among others. The line of treatment and techniques that the institute uses include chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biological therapy and targeted therapy.

The Medanta Breast Services offers complete care for all breast cancer patients. We strive to offer a wide range of surgical options to enable breast conservation and oncoplastic surgery. We have qualified and skilled breast surgical oncologists and reconstructive surgeons. We aim to deliver complete care from the multidisciplinary team under one roof. Some important facets of care at Medanta Breast Services include health promotion, cancer prevention, surveillance of women at increased risk for breast cancer, and early diagnosis with an aim for a cure and return to normal life. A biopsy can be performed and results are made available within 24-48 hours. This reduces the waiting time and the need for multiple visits.

The Gynaecologic Oncology service at Medanta offers a comprehensive preventive, diagnostic, treatment and overall management for women with precancerous and cancerous gynaecological conditions, involving a multi-disciplinary team. The experts at MEDANTA Jay Prabha are dedicated towards providing evidence based management for cancers of female reproductive organs utilising modern and state of art technology.

Cancer care is complex. Multidisciplinary disease management tumour boards are necessary for better management of patients with cancer and are part of standard cancer care. A multidisciplinary care tend to decrease variation in practice patterns, help to assure the judicious use of health care resources, provide substantial educational opportunity for medical professionals, and most importantly improves the outcomes of cancer care. The benefits that derive from multidisciplinary tumour boards have been demonstrated in high-quality clinical practice guidelines. In the tumour board patients’ cases are discussed by all involved specialists and that a consensus is reached on the most appropriate treatment course, taking in account the current evidences (guidelines). These meetings involve specialists drawn from many areas of health care: Surgical oncologist, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine experts, dental specialists, palliative care specialists, and others.