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World Diabetes Day Package @ Rs. 1,999/-

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+ Lipid Profile  + HbA1c 

+ Urine Analysis  + RFT

+ Diabetologist Consult  + Diabetes ...

What We Treat

Successful diabetes control requires a team of experienced doctors and educators who can diagnose the disease, provide a successful course of treatment along with a good prognosis, and at Medanta, we offer it all. With the right approach and expert doctors heading the department of diabetes and endocrinology, we provide treatment for the following diabetes-related diseases.

The blood arteries and the nerves that control your heart are susceptible to harm or injury from high blood sugar. Additionally, diabetic patients are more likely to have additional heart disease risk factors.

A type of nerve damage that can happen if you have diabetes is diabetic neuropathy. Throughout the body, damaged nerves can result from high blood sugar (glucose). The nerves in the legs and feet are most commonly damaged by diabetic neuropathy.

One frequent consequence of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is diabetic nephropathy. Diabetes that is not properly managed over time might harm blood vessel clusters in your kidneys that filter waste from your blood. High blood pressure and renal damage may result from this.

A diabetes condition that impacts the eyes is diabetic retinopathy. Damage to the blood vessels in the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye is what causes it (retina). Initially, diabetic retinopathy may not manifest any symptoms or may only result in minor vision issues. But it might result in blindness.

Diabetes can affect the foot and over time, diabetes may cause nerve damage that can cause tingling sensation in the feet and pain. It can make you feel lose in your feet.

Bruises and itching due to fungal infection occurs on the moist areas of the skin like genital folds, arms, armpits, elbow etc. causing irritation.

The ear's nerves may get damaged as a result of diabetes. Over time, small blood vessels and nerves in the inner ear can suffer harm from high blood sugar levels. Loss of hearing can be caused by either kind of nerve injury.

Why Choose Medanta For Diabetes Treatment

A group of experienced endocrinologists and diabetologists that specialise in the treatment of hormonal problems make up the team of doctors at Medanta's Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology. Patients have access to cutting-edge diagnostic tools and therapies, which help them manage a variety of medical conditions related to diabetes.

Medanta: Voted as the best private hospital in India for three consecutive years in 2020 and 2022 (Newsweek)

  • Equipped with state of the art advanced technology
  • 800+ doctors led by highly experienced department heads
  • World-class infrastructure spanning around 2.1 million sq. ft. campus
  • 1,300+ beds & facilities for over 22+ super-specialties, all under one roof

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